MINOTAUR® Fuel tank farm – BATTERY

Storage tank container as battery fuel tank farm

The tank family for a giant tank volume

The Minotaur® tank farms used for fuel storage are highly-safe because of the double-walled construction of the storage tank units. The storage tank containers are suitable for fast and easy installations of a battery tank farm. By means of combining several storage tank units, battery systems with a volume of multiple 1.000.000 litres can be connected. These battery systems grant easy assembling, dismantling and relocating.

Depiction battery tank farm:

The storage tank containers can be connected with each other. This enables the building up of battery tank farms.

The battery tank farm is used for temporary storage of fuels and is filled at the receiving and releasing unit with the help of a tank wagon. By means of the central remote unit, the fuel is automatically conducted to the particular storage tank container. The central remote unit is built in an air-conditioned office container.

The extraction is carried out from the particular storage tank container by means of a tank wagon at the receiving and releasing unit and is regulated by the central remote unit. After filling by the tank wagon, the fuel is transported to the supplier.

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